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Website Portfolio


Expoknits International is a B2B website dedicated to providing the latest sustainable fashion trends for men, women and children. They are also committed to working with businesses, large and small, to create better workplace environments through sustainable business practices and environmental stewardship at every opportunity. And that is exactly what we delivered! By creating an eye-catching landing page, easy navigation and an emphasis on their sustainable practices, we created a website for them that caters to the need of their audience. We thoughtfully crafted content design to engage audience. The website is both informative and well organized, having relevant content so visitors are not lost amidst information overload. We also incorporated carefully curated design elements such as fonts that don’t have too many different weights, which can make the text difficult to read. The website loads quickly and smoothly on mobile devices.


Inspired by the Persian civilization, Hafizia is dedicated to producing the finest quality of rugs and carpets. Their products are hand crafted by master artisans, with a passion for preservation of their craft. This enables them to work with unique designs and colours which cannot be produced using mass production methods. They wanted a website a After years of successful growth in the offline sector, our client needed assistance in generating a pipeline of new business as they prepared to enter the online B2B market. By building their website on Laravel, the company was able to transition to an online order processing operation, with the ability to place specific products on a waitlist, allowing the products to be manufactured in-store without being rushed so they could ship. Although text was added to the website to provide more information on each section, the photographs remain the primary focus for engaging website visitors. Simple textures were added as backgrounds to the landing page to help bring it to life in an engaging manner.

Mona B

Working on the concept of sustainability through upcycling and recycling processes, Mona B is committed to doing what’s right for the environment and their customers. Their products are centered on sustainability, so they only use materials approved for manufacturing and refuse materials from the waste stream. They recycle or re-use all their packaging material and proudly partner with reputable recycling facilities that specialize in environmental stewardship. We had to keep in mind when designing their website that their message of sustainability stands out while not overshadowing their e-commerce store. One of their primary requirements was that we maintain this delicate balance, and we certainly didn’t disappoint them. It was a difficult build because it was jam-packed with revealing wireframes, imagery, and animations. However, thanks to the efforts of our excellent team, we have created a website that highlights both their message and their products. The site loads quickly and allows customers to easily find their products.


The genesis of UCOOK heralded transformation through modernization and innovation to the traditional setup. UCOOK brought fresh ideas, products and new technology at the forefront. The last few years of investment in UCOOK has brought in a new charge in the cookware category. UCOOK is now a formidable brand for cookware and Kitchenware in India and countries like Canada, Mauritius, Nepal, Srilanka, Dubai and Saudi Arabia.   With the idea to get established in the market and to sustain for eternity, we always understand the need of the market and our responsibility towards the society. This philosophy gave us the strength to take this tough decision at that time, to manufacture our own products and on the other hand create employment to contribute to the Indian economy.

Mobile Application Portfolio

Enjoy Offer

Enjoy Offer is a mobile application for mom-and-pop stores that can post their products on the app and customers can find the best offers based on their location and category. Enjoy offers incentives to store owners to give their customers the best discounts possible. We devised a series of steps that would guide a user through the app. We spent a long time developing the app’s UX and UI to ensure that we provided the customers with intuitiveness, ease of use, and simplicity. We wanted customers to be able to easily find the relevant products and achieve the desired results with the fewest number of actions. This included removing unnecessary actions and functions that clog up the interface. We made sure that the app is compatible with both Android and iOS.