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Advertising on Amazon, Walmart & Flipkart

As a brand owner, you want to attract a large number of customers and sell as much of your products as you can. However, if you are selling your products only on your website, you will face certain limitations . A large swath of your consumers would be people who are already aware of your brand, unless you plan to spend money on advertising your website. Additionally, a sizable portion of people will never find your website. Therefore, having a presence on online marketplaces like Amazon, Walmart, Flipkart, Meesho, etc. is essential for online sellers.

Due to their established status and significant marketing budgets, these online marketplaces attract a sizable number of online consumers. There are several advantages to selling on these sites, including:

Greater revenue potential due to a large customer base Excellent launchpad for extending into international markets

An advanced logistical system Enhanced Brand Recognition Being a member of a reputable online marketplace fosters confidence between you and the customer.

£110K Sales with Around £15K Ad Spend.

$105K Sales with around $12K Ad Spend.

$30K Sales with Around $4K Ad Spend.

4 .7 Crore Sales with just 30 Lakhs Ad Spend

1.4 Crore Sales with around 7.8 Lakhs Ad Spend

1 Crore Sale with around 5.2 Lakhs Ad Spend.