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Our mantra to help you succeed in the e-commerce market consists of extensive preliminary research, building customised strategies for your brand and a multi-disciplinary team to accelerate your growth.  


We believe in organized chaos

eMediaTeQ has been in business for well over a decade and we have a team of 20+ employees specialising in everything from advertising, digital marketing, content creation, listing optimisation, global expansion to account management.


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Paid Media and Lead Generation

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Our SEO strategy is to focus on on increasing your website’s awareness through organic results. We innovate and implement the most effective SEO techniques, with a focus on your content and providing consumers with precise information about your products and services.

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Google Adwords

One of the primary benefit of using Google Adwords is the speed at which you can earn the attention of your potential customer. Google Ads allows you to target consumers who are actively looking for the products and services that your company provides.

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E-mail Marketing

Email advertising allows your company to reach a specific audience with an existing interest in your company or in a specific geographic area. You can use email marketing to send out regular promotions and deals, as well as updates and news about your various offerings.

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Influencer Marketing

As audiences are spending more and more time on social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube, influencer marketing has become one of the most lucrative way to advertise your business. We develop a customised and effective brand strategy based on your company's objectives. This includes identifying influencers, managing contracts, and providing in-depth reporting and analytics.

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Content Marketing

You can create relevant pieces of content that engage, build agency, and lower client acquisition costs with a well-designed Content Marketing strategy. A plethora of brands compete for attention, and customer interaction can be difficult. When you incorporate content marketing solutions, however, you increase engagement by encouraging comments and shares.

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Social media marketing allows businesses to promote their content and establish a distinct personality in the minds of their audience. It entails the use of both organic and paid advertising to achieve business goals. You can use this to share text, video, images, and other types of content that can generate clicks and increase traffic.

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That which makes us DIFFERENT, will make a DIFFERENCE

No Advance Payment

In contrast to other agencies on the market, we like to establish a positive rapport with our clients and take the time to fully comprehend each other’s needs before requesting payment for our services

Inhouse Marketing Department

You can develop your brand and enter a new market with the assistance of our full-service internal marketing department. For small business owners, we have experience producing eye-catching visuals and lively social media postings. We go above and above to support our clients in finding their voice and spreading their message.

Personalized And Customized

A customized plan is what we do best. We will create a plan that is specific to your needs, making sure your business is in optimal shape every step of the way. With your unique needs and budget in mind, we’ll design a personalized plan that works for you.


Why Choose Our Solutions

We need to know how your campaign fits into your bigger goals before we begin brainstorming ideas or creating content for it. What specifically are you attempting to accomplish, and when must it be done? The objectives and key results, or OKRs, are set on a monthly, quarterly, or even annual basis. With this knowledge, we keep the momentum of the campaign going and make sure we are set up to follow them effectively.
The level of a business’s involvement might range from sporadic contributions to day-to-day involvemetn. Do you have a certain plan in mind and are asking us to follow it? Or, are you interested in collaborating on strategy with us and having our staff support you and your team? It usually falls somewhere in the middle. Establishing expectations up front can help both us and you understand how hands-on you’ll need to be.
Every blog and other piece of content that we create is written by one of our in-house writers, so you can be confident that a high standard of quality and consistency will be maintained regardless of the volume of content.
Your brand will be noticed by a wider audience thanks to the internet’s worldwide reach than your sales force or brick-and-mortar store can reach on a daily or weekly basis. More people will be aware of your brand and your products or services than they would be if you were employing conventional ways of boosting brand awareness.

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